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We provide distinctive and superior alcoholic beverages to suit our customers’ unique and complex tastes. We educate and empower do-it-yourself customers to make their own high quality fermentables. These tailor-made products will allow us long term participation in their success at developing the best tasting beverages to be found anywhere.

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At Sawyers, our customers and patrons have the unique opportunity to enjoy craft brewed beers, unique wines, distilled liquors, as well as gourmet cheeses and specialty foods from various Muskegon food truck vendors.

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Brew It

Interested in making your own fermentables? We have a home-brew kitchen for you to use. We have all the equipment you need to brew your first batch of beer to your thousandth.
We have a home brew kitchen for you to use! All the equipment needed to make your first batch of beer to your thousandth.

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Learn It

Interested in learning how to brew your own beer or make your own wine? We offer classes on all the aspects of making high-quality fermentables. We have the space and the equipment you can use right here on site, and we’ll help you learn the proper techniques and perfect your skills so you can create satisfying craft beer and delightfully drinkable wines.

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Park It

Do you have a food truck? We have space right in downtown Montague where you can park it and serve hungry customers.

Behind the Science

The art and craft of brewing, distilling, and wine making requires more than just a passion for fermentables and fine liquors. It involves real science and understanding of the processes involved. Our owners have advanced degrees in analytical and physical chemistry.

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Grab a Drink

Looking for a place to enjoy a few drinks and good conversation where you don’t have to shout over pounding music and blaring televisions? Come in and unwind in our subdued, welcoming, and relaxed ambiance.

4574 Dowling Street,
Montague, MI 49437

(231) 923-1986

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